out in August 2003:

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oneonone - a 1-instrument-compilationONEONONE
various artists
emphase / autopilot

a 1-instrument-compilation
feat. Ronald Lippok, Reuber, Anne Laplantine, Kinn, Guido Möbius, Ilse Lau, Claudia Kapp, Marco Trovatello, Taunus, Tim Tetzner, Schmitz & Niebuhr, Weber / Möbius.

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This compilation is a continuation of the emphase single series called emphasolo. The concept behind the singles and this CD is that each artist was asked to record a track by using only one sound source. This can of course be all imaginable kinds of instruments, but also animal voices, toys, field recordings or whatever. The artists were totally free in composing, recording and arranging their music, as long as they took their sounds just from this one instrument they decided to play. We have a brilliant hihat-track by Ronald Lippok (to rococo rot / tarwater), a flute-track by Anne Laplantine (aka Angelika Köhlermann or Michiko Kusaki); Claudia Kapp edited and arranged a cat's voice and Reuber did throat-singing. The instruments range from bassguitar to vibraphone, from violin to jegog.

Tracklist / used instrument / audio samples

1. Claudia Kapp maarit (4:59) - cat - RealAudio
2. Marco Trovatello 6komma5BG (4:07) - bassguitar
3. Anne Laplantine flute (2:15) - flute
4. Roland Lippok piece for hihat (1:44) - hihat
5. Taunus w.k. folz (4:51) - vibraphone - RealAudio
6. Ilse Lau rhön (4:18) - rhönheuler
7. Kinn dwa newaljaschki (1:27) - Newaljaschki
8. Ronald Lippok piece for jegog (1:35) - Jegog
9. Schmitz & Niebuhr schabau (stylo) (3:01) - stylophone
10. Tim Tetzner in cellophan (3:21) - bumble-bee
11. Reuber aus der tiefe (4:37) - voice
12. Weber / Möbius swim (4:09) - violin - RealAudio

Artist info

Claudia Kapp is a multimedia and performance artist from Bremen.

Marco Trovatello is a member of Schmitz & Niebuhr.

Schmitz & Niebuhr is an electro-acoustic duo from Cologne. They are about to finish their debut release "Orgelqualität".

Anne Laplantine, currently living in Berlin, has already released several records under the moniker of Michiko Kusaki, Angelika Köhlermann or her real name for labels like Angelika Köhlermann or Tomlab. It seems that her next record will come out on Emphase.

Taunus is an instrumental acoustic project of Jochen Briesen and Wilm Thoben. They also play in the Berlin based instrumental band Gaston. Jochen's solo project is called Semuin.

Ronald Lippok is a member of To Rococo Rot and Tarwater (both Berlin).

Timo Reuber has released two records for Cologne label Staubgold and is a member of the electronic duo Klangwart.

Ilse Lau is a Yes-No-Rockband from Bremen. They also used the instrument "rhönheuler" on their third and latest album "Tjeempie, De Kat" on Fidel Bastro Records.

Kinn consists of F.S.: Blumm (Sack & Blumm, Solo Releases on Morrmusic and Staubgold) and Marcel Türkowky of the Trio Das zuckende Vakuum. The Kinn Debut is out on Tète a Tète.

Tim Tetzner is together with Ansgar Wilken from Ilse Lau involved in the Projekt Juni-Juli; Tim works at the dense recordsotre in Berlin and books shows for the Ausland Club.

Bettina Weber studies the violin in Frankfurt/Main and plays in a minimal-orchestra. Guido Möbius has just released his first solo album "klisten" on Klangkrieg Produktionen, is a member of the unrock trio blinker_inc and runs the emphase label.